Gainesville, Florida: Home of the Gators

This post concludes a three-part series on Gainesville, Florida.

The previous two posts focused on the Florida Museum of Natural History. This is a post about the University of Florida. But I’ll be writing more  about Gainesville in the coming months, because there is so much more to say.

If you’ve ever spent time in Gainesville, you’ll notice the town bleeds orange and blue. They even sell a paint color called Gator Orange at Home Depot. It’s grown a lot since I went to school there, but the same spirit remains. Seeing the new campus improvements and how the town grows is part of the fun of revisiting there. It’s always fun to explore the campus, something I did just this March.

I snapped these pics of the stadium. I really can’t explain how spectacular the stadium is–so you’ll just have to visit. It’s quite an adventure–with or without a game.

Perhaps the most famous landmark on campus is this tower, Century Tower.

Here are some other pics from around campus.

I’d love to see some of your pictures of UF and Gainesville. Tweet them to me @pineapplepress

For all you Seminole fans…want to write me a post about Tallahassee and Florida State that captures its spirit? E-mail me at

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