Cocoa Beach, Florida

Cocoa Beach, FloridaBeing a west coast girl, I was a little shocked not to see the sunset at Cocoa Beach. But, the sunrise on Cocoa is awesome!

We were right by the pier on Cocoa, another first for me. Walking under the pier was a little like being in a movie, and it was a fun experience. We never made it on the actual pier, but I’d like to go back someday to try it. It seems to offer food, drink, and live music. Another fun sight is the surfers. Their dedication to their sport is really admirable, especially when you see how high some of those waves are. And they all look so strong!

As for the local area, we hit Ron Jon’s of course and sampled the Backwoods Grill and I Dream of Yogurt. It was neat to drive around and see Patrick Air Force Base, if only from the road. That area of Florida is different from the smaller and less developed beach areas that the suncoast of Florida offers. You really will feel like you are in a beach town like you see in those old movies. Or perhaps it will have that Jersey shore feel you’ve been looking for.

On the way to Cocoa Beach, we stopped at Dixie Crossroads and sampled some fried mullet and other seafood. This a great family experience, especially the fritters with powdered sugar. You might want to make sure you also take this route!

Those that frequent only one coast of Florida really miss out. Both coasts are so different that you need both to get a true Florida experience. I’ll remind myself of that next time I think it might be too far to drive over there.

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