Paynes Creek Historic State Park in Bowling Green, Florida

Paynes Creek Historic SiteI’ve always wondered what Bowling Green, Florida is like. Well, it’s like many small Florida towns, except it offers up Paynes Creek Historic State Park.

Here you’ll find a lot of history. The unfortunate part is that you won’t find the fort or a replica. However, this shouldn’t deter the history buffs or someone who wants to enjoy a fun day in a clean state park. I think the design of this park and the state of its facilities cannot be beat. It’s a great place for kids. It wasn’t busy on the day we went, but that was nice for a change. And I’ve never seen cleaner restrooms!

They have a hike to the site of the fort, along with some hikes that take you to historical markers and the meeting of the Peace River and Paynes Creek. That is one fast-moving body of water too. That alone is fun to see.

They also have a nice visitors center that offers up a small exhibit of the history of the area. There you can read about the massacre that happened there and see a partial replica of the trading post that used to exist there. It’s a good starting point for anyone traveling to all the state parks or for those that want to visit the big historical sites in Florida.

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