Pineapple Press,

Pineapple Press, founded in 1982 by David and June Cussen, publishes trade books, specializing in Florida and the Southeast, primarily nonfiction, but also some fiction. Our offices are in beautiful Sarasota, Florida. Visit our website at



7 responses to “Pineapple Press,

  1. Ed Hughes

    Hello, I have an interest in publishing the Civil War Letters of Florida Governor John Milton. Also short book on Civil War in Florida. Also several other Florida History projects …. want private publisher.
    Ed Hughes

  2. Ginny Lichlyter

    I am looking for a book that was published by your company, Florida Seashells, by Blair and Dawn Witherington in 2007. Is it still available?

    • Hello–this wonderful book is still available. It is available from us directly at 800 746 3275 and from online retailers. It is also available at some local bookstores or they may be able to order it for you. Thanks for your interest in our titles.

  3. Looking for a book, A time to decide, a time to heal, by Molly A Minnick,MSW,Kathleen J Delp, ACSW and Mary C Ciotti, MD

    We like to purchase a few of the English Version-

    need assistance-how to place order and the cost-


    Aeman Rasul

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