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Alafia River State Park

Who says Florida doesn’t have mountains? Well, we all know it doesn’t really. However, experiencing that feeling in a state park in the lower part of Florida is somewhat of an anomaly. But, Alafia River State Park offers that and more.

Bikers rejoice, cause if you like rugged trails—this park is for you. Hikers and families will also find plenty to do in this beautiful spot. Florida has some breath-taking beauty–but sometimes all those palmettos get a bit tiresome. In addition, the Alafia River State Park offers a break from that. While the palmettos are present, the biggest takeaway might be the awesome green water. Now, green water might sound off-putting, but here it is a beautiful light green color that you don’t see too often. The light that filters through the enormous trees and around the tall “mountains” really sets a fairy-like mood for the park that you won’t experience at most of the state parks I’ve been to. Here you feel like you’ve fallen into an enchanted forest.

The “mountains” come from the fact this is an old phosphate mine they’ve transformed. This creates the highs and the lows and makes it unique for this general area. Check it out at:


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