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The Ernest Hemingway Home in Key West, Florida

In honor of the release of the trade paperback of Hemingway’s Cats by Carlene Brennen, I wanted to mention The Hemingway House in Key West, Florida.

I’ve visited there twice. It’s a real pleasure to stroll through the gardens and visit with the six-toed cats. You get a definite feel for Hemingway’s life in the Keys during his time there. The house is also a nice stop between any bar-hopping or touristy shopping you might be doing. Take a minute to stop in and visit this landmark site.

I thought this video really captured the essence of the home.

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A Guest Blog: Winter at Lido Beach in Sarasota, Florida


To take a trip to the beach is to experience the expanse of it all – the wide blue sky that meets the rolling water where you can see the curve of the horizon.

But really, without the sand beneath your feet, the salt in the air, the warmth of the sun against the chill of the February breeze, and the sound of the water…the photos are, well, a little flat in comparison. Beautifully blue though.

There is one other spectacle at the beach, in addition to the beautiful vista. Walking along the water’s edge there is a trail of artifacts deposited by the Gulf tides.


There are bits of white-on-white where shells have washed up, some delicate, some ragged.

Feathers, pen shells, cockles, sand dollars.

Shreds of seaweed half-buried in the sand by the tide.


And there are crazy birds standing face-on into the crisp wind or wading in the water (that was too cold for me to venture into, even just up to my toes).

Florida Snow

And this is for y’all up north where it’s still (actually) cold…here’s a glimpse of Florida’s version of snow. Powdery white sand, drifted up to form the hills of Florida.

Krystyna Sznurkowski, Pen and Paperie

I am an [intern] architect-by-day/ink-painter-and-card-maker-by-night. Being a native Floridian I have to admit, I take the proximity of the beach for granted sometimes. But the shore is a source of inspiration for me and so I do go wander along it as often as I can. You should too! I have a little online shop at www.penandpaperie.etsy.com and also sell my arts and cards at Wanderlust KW in Key West, Florida.

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