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SOMALI PIRATES CAPTURED!, a guest post by author Terrance Zepke

Six weeks ago, an Iranian fishing vessel, Al Mulahi, was seized by Somali pirates. Thanks to a quick-thinking captain and crew, the men
aided in their own rescue by dumping fuel and requesting help over the ship’s radio. The captain spoke in a language that the pirates did not understand, so they did not know that he was summoning help! Despite their suspicions of piracy, the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service was not able to intervene until this week when the captain officially asked for aid. Otherwise, they might have sparked an international incident given our relations with Iran and the fact that the U.S. has been warned not to return to the region by senior Iranian defense officials. It was a coup for the international piracy task force given that fifteen Somali pirates were captured, along with their floating base and weapons cache.  The best news is that none of the thirteen hostages were harmed. The war on piracy continues…

Guest blogger Terrance Zepke
Author of Pirates of the Carolinas and Pirates of the Carolinas for Kids

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Looking for Pirates in the Carolinas? A Guest Post by author Terrance Zepke

Look no further, you brave soul. They’re all over the Carolinas. Here are a few suggestions:

There’s a new Blackbeard exhibit at the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort, North Carolina. It has artifacts from the famous pirate’s shipwreck, Queen Anne’s Revenge. While the exhibit is permanent, the artifacts will change periodically. www.ncmaritimemuseums.com/beaufort.html

Check out the pirate museum inside Teach’s Hole on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. The gift shop, which opened in 1992, claims to have more than 1,000 pirate-theme items for sale, as well as a small pirate museum. www.teachshole.com

The Pirate Voyage is an extravagant dinner show that opened in June 2011 at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina that includes a huge pirate battle. www.piratesvoyage.com

Pirate Invasion is a big, annual festival that takes place in Beaufort, North Carolina every August. Participants will enjoy a pirate attack, treasure hunt, face painting, music, special tours, and much more. www.beaufortpirateinvasion.com

Charleston was a big hangout for pirates during the era of Blackbeard. Take a guided tour to learn more about the Golden Age of Piracy and to see where some of them were hanged! The guide wears a pirate costume complete with a colorful macaw perched on his shoulder. www.charlestonpiratetour.com

Terrance Zepke
Author of Pirates of the Carolinas and Pirates of the Carolinas for Kids

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Blackbeard, a guest post by author Terrance Zepke

Blackbeard Lives!

Or at least his legend does. More than 12,000 visitors have flocked to the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort, North Carolina during the last few days. They came to see the new exhibit that contains artifacts which have been excavated from what is believed to have been Blackbeard’s flagship, Queen Anne’s Revenge.

So far, roughly 300 items have been salvaged from the shipwreck. The project began in 1996 and is projected to continue for many more years. Most of the recovered items have never been displayed publicly so this is very exciting. Visitors have come from all over the U.S., as well as Canada, Britain, and the Netherlands, according to museum officials. The exhibit is on permanent display but the items will rotate when it is time for items to leave or go to the conservation lab.

Blackbeard was one of the most colorful pirates in the history of piracy. He died in 1718 during one of the bloodiest battles ever to be fought with the Royal Navy.

—Terrance Zepke
Author of Pirates of the Carolinas and Pirates of the Carolinas for Kids

Visit www.terrancezepke.com or go to my facebook page to learn more about ghosts of the Carolinas, piracy, lighthouses, and travel.

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Piracy: Dead or Alive?, a guest post by Terrance Zepke

According to most experts, the ‘Golden Age of Piracy’ was the 1650s – 1720s. This was era of the legendary Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Anne Bonny, ‘Calico Jack’ Rackham, Henry Morgan and many other nefarious buccaneers. The biggest reason for the piracy outbreak was the War of Spanish Succession (Queen Anne’s War). This was the height of piracy—perhaps until now.

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you already know that piracy is out of control. Cruise ships, freighters, yachts, and tankers are all targets these days. There are two types of pirates. Less sophisticated pirates seize a vessel and grab whatever booty is on board, just like in the good ole days. A new crop of hardcore pirates capture the ships and crews and hold them until a profitable ransom can be negotiated.

Last year, a U.S. cargo ship was captured by pirates off the Horn of Africa. Captain Richard Phillips surrendered himself to the pirates to keep his twenty-member crew safe during the ransom negotiations. The U.S. Navy soon rescued Captain Phillips and captured the pirates.

This month, a supertanker sailing from the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Mexico was hijacked while carrying $150 million worth of oil. This is the second attack on an oil tanker in two days. Negotiations are still underway, and if successful, pirates could make as much as $10 million off this prize.

The most recent piracy attack on four Americans aboard a yacht has shocked the world. Until now, pirates have not killed hostages. They use them to negotiate a ransom and then let them go. While the Navy was in talks with some of the pirates holding these two couples, other pirates fatally shot them using a rocket-propelled grenade followed by gunfire. Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle and Jean and Scott Adam were killed while sailing around the world handing out Bibles. The pirates have been captured and may face U.S. prosecution. It depends on jurisdictional issues since piracy occurs in international waters, which creates further problems when it comes to capturing and punishing the criminals.

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Terrance Zepke, www.terrancezepke.com

Guest Blog by Terrance Zepke, author of Pirates of the Carolinas and Pirates of the Carolinas for Kids. Terrance Zepke has written several books including Best Ghost Tales of North Carolina, Best Ghost Tales of South Carolina, Coastal North Carolina, Coastal South Carolina, Ghosts and Legends of the Carolina Coasts, Ghosts of the Carolina Coasts, Lighthouses of the Carolinas, Lighthouses of the Carolinas for Kids, and Lowcountry Voodoo.

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