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Coming in March: Extraterrestrial Abductions Day & A Big Ghost Show by author Terrance Zepke

March not only brings the beginnings of spring, but also some fun national holidays (although I wouldn’t expect your employer to recognize them!) Here are my five favorites:

3/8 was Be Nasty Day (Be snippy all day, you’re allowed!)

3/14 National Potato Chip Day (FYI: potato chips were invented on August 24, 1853 by New York Chef George Crum. Thank you, George!)

3/17 St. Patrick’s Day (FYI: In honor of the Patron Saint of Ireland, this day recognizes and celebrates Irish traditions, customs, ancestry, and history). Best places to get in the spirit: Boston, Mass; Chicago, IL; New York City; Savannah, GA; and Dublin, Ohio.

3/20 Extraterrestrial Abductions Day (Go home, ET!)

3/22 National Goof Off Day (Good luck explaining that one to your boss!)

PLUS: This month is The Texas Society of Paranormal Investigators “Texas Ghost Show.” The big event will be in Beaumont, Texas on March 18 & 19. There will be so many great speakers, vendors, and more. For example, one of the vendors will be the Museum of the Weird, which is exhibiting some really weird stuff, and among the many special guests will be Aron Houdini, the last of the living Houdinis and a world class escape artist (of course!) and Chris Walden from Shadow Hour.
For more information, visit www.thetexasghostshow.com

Terrance Zepke, Guest Blogger
Author of Ghosts and Legends of the Carolina Coasts, The Best Ghost Tales of North Carolina, and Ghosts of the Carolinas for Kids

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