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What’s a Family to do in Bradenton, Florida on a Saturday night?

Attend South Florida Museum’s family night!

Now, this is only an option the first Saturday of the month–but, it’s one of the best Saturdays nights our family has had in a while. And did I mention it’s half price after 5pm?

The South Florida Museum is in downtown Bradenton and is home to Snooty, the oldest manatee in captivity.  Learn about local history, as well as Florida’s archaeological and paleontological past. They have tons of local memorabilia and artifacts that you just won’t find anywhere else. The museum incorporates sound and video into many exhibits and did a great job of varying the height of displays–which is perfect for children. The entire museum is spiffed up, compared to years past, and the displays and exhibits are quite modern.

I’ve been there many a time, but never had a visit as enjoyable as this with Snooty the Manatee. Snooty was a real ham, making noises and gestures and practically crawling out of the tank. Perhaps we were lucky or he’s just frisky on Saturday nights–but the manatee presentation was extra fun this time around. The presenter for the manatee show was informative and very good with questions. We went away having learned quite a bit about manatees.

The current rotating exhibit is about Silver Springs and the photos of Bruce Mozert.  It looks like that exhibit is about to change–so maybe the next family night will have something new. But we really liked the old pictures of Silver Springs and especially enjoyed the  up-close look at the equipment Mr. Mozert used.

In addition to the regular parts of the museum, they opened up the planetarium for star talks and a rock-n-roll laser show. These are real treats. Right before you go into the planetarium they have craft stations for the little ones, which really spices up this Saturday night adventure. Since it was mermaid night this time, you could get your picture taken with a mermaid. I saw dads and kids alike take part in this photo session. 🙂

Why not give it a try? Learn more about the specifics at: http://www.southfloridamuseum.org/ThingsToDo/FamilyNights.aspx.


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Stephen J. Wortham Park and Rhodine Scrub Nature Preserve

Horse owners rejoice!

Any horse owner looking for a new place to ride their horse needs to check out the Stephen J. Wortham Park and Rhodine Scrub Nature Preserve.

We happened upon the park by accident. I wasn’t looking to find a horse-related area, but was excited to see such a space surrounded by other great natural areas. It is a little remote, but perfect for those in the Riverview area or someone looking to escape the city of Tampa.

In addition to the horse-related amenities, it’s a terrific place to fish. I didn’t personally partake in any fishing, but do plan to check it out again with poles in-hand. The pond is right by the bathrooms and playground. If you have kids, you know this type of arrangement is exactly what you need and exactly what is hard to find. You can have a picnic, help your kids fish, take them to the bathroom, and never leave the immediate area. The playground is pretty nice too-it would be a great place for a birthday party. We did some swinging and sliding while we were there and found the equipment to be in good condition.

It was a nice Saturday morning spent in solitude that I highly recommend to anyone in the Tampa area.

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