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2nd Florida Keys Twitter Chat 2p EST Feb 29, 2012 #flkeys

The #flkeys chat is back, in a special Leap Year edition!

Join @KeysClaudia, @ViaKeyWest, @PineapplePress, and @FTLMagazine on Twitter to talk about Florida Keys festivals. We’re especially talking about the Marathon Seafood Festival, coming up soon! Use hashtag #flkeys to join in and chat with us on Twitter at 2p EST on Feb 29th, 2012. To learn more about past chats, check out our Pinterest board for the chat: http://pinterest.com/pineapplepress/flkeys-chats/ or the Storify archive: http://storify.com/KeysClaudia/florida-keys-twitter-chat-flkeys

Here’s our video intro to this week’s chat:


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Talking the Florida Keys with Claudia Miller (@KeysClaudia) #flkeys

What are the best beaches in the Florida Keys?
What are the best restaurants in the Florida Keys?
Where’s the best coffee in the Florida Keys?

@KeysClaudia and I will be chatting on Twitter about these subjects and more on January 25th at 2pm EST. We hope you’ll join us! Use hashtag #flkeys to join in. For more information, check out the Storify log for the #flkeys hashtag.

Claudia Miller is a writer and weekly blogger for Florida Travel + Life Magazine . Check out her blog to learn more fabulous Florida Keys tips.

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Your Ultimate Florida Playlist

Twitter Chat August 24th at 1pm with @AlissonClark (#flplaylist)

What’s on your ultimate Florida playlist? Whether it’s a song about Florida or a tune that puts you in a Sunshine State of mind, we want to hear about it. We’ll talk about songs that name-check Florida people and places, music and lyrics that make you feel like you have your toes in the sand, or odes to the state’s history or environment. Favorite musical events, venues and destinations in Florida are fair game, too!

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On a Florida Beach We Saw….

This is phrase that brought a visitor to our site recently. I thought it was a great phrase and it gave me an idea.

Wouldn’t it be fun to share with everyone what you recently saw on a Florida beach?

I’d love for you to share pics or stories about something you recently saw on a Florida beach. You can do this by commenting here or sending pics to us via Facebook or Twitter. I look forward to hearing from everyone!  (Let’s keep this G-rated of course!)

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Do penguins have knees?

A popular question we asked on Twitter recently was, “Do penguins have knees?” Learn this and more in Those Perky Penguins by Sarah Cussen. It’s due out this fall.

Those Perky Penguins is part of Pineapple Press’s Those Amazing Animals series.

Photo of Penguin © Vulnificans/Dreamstime.com

Illustration © Steve Weaver

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Twitter chats

One of the new things we have tried out recently are twitter chats. The hashtags we have used so far are #familytrav and #chupacabra. We’ll be doing our next Twitter chat with author Bruce Hunt, @BruceHuntImages, on March 16th at 12 noon EST.

Bruce kindly pointed out that a lot of people might not have participated in a Twitter chat and might not know how to. I certainly should have considered this more before I started one. I sort of winged it after taking a look at some chats done by others–so I learned on the fly by trying it out. I will now reveal myself as a dork–but it was exhilarating to get responses and questions and helpful tips from others. Sometimes you feel like you are talking to yourself on Twitter! I think this 3rd chat will be even better…mainly because I am getting better at it. Then I can have my first two guinea pigs (@FLGhostDoc and @AlissonClark) back for another chat!

I took a look on the Internet and found several great resources on chats. I’ll list them at the end. So far I’ve used TweetDeck for the chats. It’s been great because you can load up search columns with the hashtag name and the name of the person you are interviewing and keep track of everything really easily. I’ve found that it has been a little confusing with all the @’s and #’s in the past though. I think that maybe it works best when only I do the @name and everyone else does the #hashtag only. It gives you more characters to talk with and simplifies things a lot. Then if you are responding to someone specifically in the chat you can save the @name just for them. At least that is what I think I will do this next time.

So basically I’ve rambled around to this procedure for a Twitter chat that I think works well:

1) Start following us at @PineapplePress and the person we are interviewing’s @name. That way you can see all future #hashtag mentions too in case the chat continues in the future.

2) Sign up for Tweetdeck or something similar so you can set up a search for the #hashtag. (Recommendations on software more than welcome!) Then read up on how to get the most out of the searches your software can do for hashtags and people’s names, etc…

3) When the time comes for the chat start asking questions and saying things with the #hashtag in them so we can see them. If you want to say something specifically to me then use @PineapplePress (and the same goes for the participant).

4) Then you have to wait a while. There’s a time delay sometimes as we think of something to say or the software updates tweets. Be ready for time lags and repeated questions sometimes–it’s all good though. You’ll get your answer eventually. Don’t feel bad if we miss a question–sometimes it happens. Just retweet! We aren’t ignoring you.

5) Feel free to add in relevant tips or comments. I learned something from each of our chats from participants. It doesn’t have to be all questions.

6) Once the chat is over–feel free to keep on talking with us! We want to hear from you. Then give me some suggestions for other chats you want to see happen. I’ll see what I can do. If it’s about Florida then I’m sure I can find someone to discuss it.

Here are those links I mentioned:




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A date with the Chupacabra on Valentine’s Day

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d introduce you to the Chupacabra Martini.

I was beyond thrilled to see the links to this yummy looking martini on Twitter from @MuyBuenoCooking and @JoeRayCr8iv and I couldn’t wait to share!!



If you prefer the nonalcoholic version, you really must check out the martini art at http://joeray.com/chupacabra.html

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t miss our #chupacabra chat on Feb 15th at 1p on Twitter @pineapplepress
Photo of the martini courtesy of www.MuyBuenoCookbook.Wordpress.com.

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Let’s Talk About Books by TheBookNerd456 on YouTube

Saw this video from YouTube when it was retweeted by @sarahw. It’s so refreshing to see someone so young talking about books like this. Can’t wait to hear what books she reads next!

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